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Funny Salon Names List with Means

  1. Shampoodle's (1950s): A retro-inspired salon that specializes in poodle-perfect hairdos.

  2. Hairlarious (Modern): A contemporary salon known for creating hilarious and daring hairstyles.

  3. Permageddon (1980s): Step back in time with big perms and bold colors at this salon.

  4. Curl up and Dye (1950s): A playful pun on "curl up and die," where hair transformations are taken seriously.

  5. Frizz-tastic (Modern): Embrace your frizz and turn it into something fantastic with this salon's expertise.

  6. Beardiful (Contemporary): A salon catering to men, making their beards look their absolute best.

  7. Tease Me, Please Me (1960s): A throwback to the era of teasing and glamorous hair.

  8. Mane Event (Modern): A hair salon that promises every visit to be a memorable event.

  9. Permageddon 2.0 (Modern): A modern take on perms, offering contemporary styles with a touch of nostalgia.

  10. Fringe Benefits (1970s): A salon known for its exceptional fringe and bangs styling.

  11. Wigged Out (Modern): Specializing in wigs and hairpieces, perfect for transforming any look.

  12. High Top Heaven (1980s): An ode to the iconic high-top fade haircuts of the '80s.

  13. Color Me Crazy (Modern): A salon that embraces bold and adventurous hair colors.

  14. Rockin' Rollers (1950s): A salon reviving the vintage charm of roller sets and pin curls.

  15. Hairport Lounge (Modern): Get ready to take off with a fresh new hairstyle at this salon.

  16. Crop Shop (1960s): Inspired by the mod era, offering chic and stylish cropped haircuts.

  17. Mane Squeeze (Modern): A salon that delivers the perfect hairstyle with a side of humor.

  18. Bob & Weave (Modern): Specializing in bob haircuts and hair extensions.

  19. Retro Roots (1950s): Bringing back the classic hair roots of the '50s with a modern twist.

  20. Wiggle Room (Modern): Where you have the freedom to experiment with wigs and extensions.

  21. Bed Headquarters (Modern): Embrace the "just woke up" look with style and grace.

  22. Fluff and Stuff (1960s): A salon that masters the art of voluminous hair and extravagant styles.

  23. Pompadour Parade (1950s): A parade of classic pompadour haircuts fit for a rockabilly king or queen.

  24. Wild Manes (Modern): Embrace your wild side with untamed and adventurous hairstyles.

  25. Bangin' Bobs (1960s): Celebrating the iconic and timeless bob hairstyles.

  26. Hair-O-Scope (Modern): Discover your perfect hair destiny at this salon.

  27. The Mane Frame (Modern): Where hair becomes a work of art, framing your face beautifully.

  28. Hair Raising Tales (Modern): A salon where hilarious hair stories are born.

  29. Bouffant Boulevard (1960s): Travel down bouffant boulevard for the most fabulous voluminous hairstyles.

  30. Mane Makeover Magic (Modern): Witness the magical transformations that happen at this salon.

  31. Crazy Curls (1970s): A tribute to the curly hair trends of the '70s.

  32. Waves of Laughter (Modern): Waves of laughter are guaranteed at this witty salon.

  33. The Perm Squad (1980s): A team of experts dedicated to delivering the best perms in town.

  34. Shag-tastic (1970s): Get groovy with shaggy hairstyles and retro vibes.

  35. Locks of Fun (Modern): Locks of hair and loads of fun are to be expected at this salon.

  36. The Hairport (Modern): Your destination for a smooth hair journey.

  37. Rat's Nest Revival (1950s): Playful name inspired by the vintage slang for a tangled hairstyle.

  38. Mane Street (Modern): The place where all the best hair trends hit the street.

  39. Crazy for Curls (Modern): A salon that celebrates the beauty of curls and kinks.

  40. Hairscapades (Modern): Join in on the hair adventures and escapades at this salon.

  41. Chop Shop Comedy (Modern): A salon that blends haircuts with comedy for a memorable experience.

  42. The Wiggle Wigwam (Modern): A fun name for a wig-centric salon.

  43. Big Hair-o-tel (1980s): A nod to the iconic big hair of the '80s and its grandeur.

  44. Whisker World (Modern): A salon that caters to all things facial hair, from mustaches to beards.

  45. Bouffant Bonanza (1960s): An abundance of bouffant hairstyles awaits you at this salon.

  46. Hair Today, Fun Tomorrow (Modern): Get a fabulous hairstyle today and have fun with it tomorrow.

  47. Curly Q's (Modern): Embrace your curly "Q" and flaunt those ringlets.

  48. Razor-Sharp Wit (Modern): A salon with a sharp sense of humor and razor-sharp haircuts.

  49. Wiggle & Giggle (Modern): A salon where wiggling hair and giggling clients are the norm.

  50. Big Tease Salon (1950s): Leave with a big tease and an even bigger smile.

  51. Sassy Scissors (Modern): Sass up your look with the help of these skilled stylists.

  52. Hair Circus (Modern): Step into the hair circus for a whirlwind of colorful styles.

  53. Pomp and Circumstance (1950s): A salon that takes pomp and circumstance to a whole new level.

  54. Curly Comedy Club (Modern): A comedic twist on a salon that loves curly hair.

  55. Curls Gone Wild (Modern): Unleash your wild side with curly hair transformations.

  56. Buzz & Chuckle (Modern): Get a buzz cut and have a chuckle with the friendly staff.

  57. Snip, Sip & Smile (Modern): A salon where you can enjoy a drink while getting snipped.

  58. Hairway to Heaven (Modern): Elevate your hair game with heavenly styles.

  59. Laugh and Layers (Modern): Laugh your way through the hair layers and leave feeling fabulous.

  60. Perm Paradise (1980s): A paradise for those who adore the charm of permed hair.

  61. Fro-tastic (1970s): A celebration of fabulous afros from the '70s.

  62. Trim and Grin (Modern): Trim your hair and grin with satisfaction at the results.

  63. Hairmonica (Modern): A play on the word "harmonica," promising hair harmony.

  64. Ha-Hair Salon (Modern): A salon that promises a "Ha-Hair-ious" experience.

  65. Big Bang Theory (Modern): Specializing in bangs and a good sense of humor.

  66. Laugh Locks (Modern): Locks of hair that will make you laugh with joy.

  67. Perm-a-lot (1980s): A salon that's all about perms, all the time.

  68. Quirk it Out (Modern): Unleash your hair quirks and embrace uniqueness.

  69. Trim-tastic (Modern): A salon where trims become fantastic transformations.

  70. Laughter Layers (Modern): Layers of laughter and layers of hair, all in one place.

  71. Buzzable Beauties (Modern): Creating buzzworthy hairstyles for all the beauties.

  72. Snip Wit (Modern): A witty salon where they've got the snip down to a science.

  73. Braided Banter (Modern): A salon where braids and banter go hand in hand.

  74. Whimsical Weaves (Modern): Weaving whimsy into every hair transformation.

  75. Hair of Humor (Modern): Get a dose of humor with your fabulous hair makeover.

  76. Coif Comedy Club (Modern): A salon that doubles as a comedy club for a laugh-filled experience.

  77. Snip Happens (Modern): When snipping happens, amazing transformations follow.

  78. Jester's Tresses (Modern): Transforming tresses with a touch of jest and fun.

  79. Combedy Central (Modern): Combining comedy and hair transformations in one place.

  80. Chuckle Cuts (Modern): Get a great haircut and leave with a smile and chuckle.

  81. Razor Wit Salon (Modern): A salon where razor-sharp wit meets razor-sharp cuts.

  82. Ha-Hairmony (Modern): Achieve hair harmony with a dose of laughter.

  83. Twisted Laughter (Modern): Twisting and turning hair with laughter in the air.

  84. Snip N' Giggle (Modern): Snip your hair and have a giggle with the friendly staff.

  85. Hair Affair (Modern): A playful affair with hair transformations.

  86. Risqué Ringlets (Modern): Playfully styling ringlets with a touch of risqué humor.

  87. Locks of Chuckles (Modern): A salon that delivers both locks and lots of chuckles.

  88. Clip & Comedy (Modern): Get clipped and enjoy the comedy show at the same time.

  89. Buzz & Grin (Modern): Get a buzz cut and leave with a grin of satisfaction.

  90. Beard Babes (Modern): A salon that caters to women's facial hair styling and embraces individuality.

  91. Laugh & Lather (Modern): Laugh while you lather, for a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

  92. Funny Fringes (Modern): A salon that knows how to handle the funniest fringes.

  93. Snips and Giggles (Modern): Snip your hair and enjoy the giggles along the way.

  94. Hair-arious Hub (Modern): Your one-stop hub for hair transformations and hilarity.

  95. Bob-n-Joke (Modern): Get a bob haircut and share a good joke at this salon.

  96. Witty Waves (Modern): Creating waves of laughter with witty hair styling.

  97. Tress Tales (Modern): A salon with a collection of entertaining hair tales.

  98. Laugh-in Locks (Modern): A nod to the iconic TV show "Laugh-In," promising laughter with every hair appointment.

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